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Qing dao HanRui precision machine tools co., ltd. is a professional development and production of high precision universal tool grinding machine, and a professional manufacturer of precision tools, etc. Participated in various professional exhibitions, and in the form of OEM marketing up to countries and regions.   
The company production of M6020 type tool grinding machine, is the ideal equipment processing center and numerical control machine tool. The machine layout is reasonable, compact structure, adopts the international advanced technology, pneumatic suspension spindle rotation freely, without any lubrication can achieve zero zero friction resistance, long service life, the machining accuracy is less than 0.005 mm, can be used for precision grinding various types of milling cutter, drill, tap, reamer, turning tool, etc.
Also supporting the production CNC cutting tools series; Milling chuck handle series; Milling chuck series; Rivet series; Numerical control tools series; Collet chuck series; Boring head series; V block series; Top series; Variable diameter set series; Tapping chuck series; Tool rod series; Drill extension rod series; Dividing head series; Parallel block series; 5 c clamp series; Precision flat pliers series, etc.
The company has always pursued quality first, customer first, the prestige for this purpose, relying on strong technical force, scientific management system, advanced processing and testing equipment, can provide conforms to the national standard and international standard, Germany standard, Japanese standard, American standard of different standards, such as various types of machine tool accessories, reasonable price, timely delivery, good service.