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Hanrui Precision Inner Hole&Outer Circle Clamping Solution Fixture

Hanrui Precision Inner Hole&Outer Circle Clamping Solution Fixture



Product Introduction

The inner hole and outer circle clamping solution fixture refers to Qingdao Hanrui Precision's years of technical research and development and deep cultivation in the mechanical processing industry, responding to industry calls, actively upgrading industrial technology, innovating technology, and reforming. A technological breakthrough aimed at the characteristics of traditional turning, milling, gear processing, and grinding. The inner hole and outer circle clamping solution fixture goes beyond traditional hydraulic chuck and core shaft fixtures. Through the use of rubber clamps and adhesive expansion sleeves, it not only solves the problem of low efficiency in the traditional fixture replacement process, but also performs well in the processing of small batches and multiple varieties of products.
Clamping solutions include not only specialized solutions for a specific industry, but also universal solutions. Adapt to customer processing needs through various technical means, especially specialized solutions, and provide customers with a novel, reasonably designed, and convenient fixture based on the characteristics of their products and equipment. Truly improving production efficiency for customers, effectively ensuring machining accuracy of workpieces, and ensuring production safety.


Application scop

The inner hole and outer circle clamping solution fixture is suitable for turning, milling, gear processing, grinding processing, non-standard equipment, etc.
The chuck and fixture developed by the company based on polymer adhesive chuck expansion technology are widely applicable in the military industry, aerospace, textile machinery, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automotive parts, petrochemical machinery, agricultural machinery, other civil machinery and other fields.


Performance advantages

1. Serialization, standardization, and non-standard customization are all possible. The clamping solution has strong adaptability, with standard chucks to choose from, and can also be customized according to various non-standard machine tool equipment (price negotiable);
Both the inner hole and outer card can meet the requirements of automated production, as well as the manual operation needs of customers;
3. Through auxiliary tools, production switching can be quickly achieved, improving work efficiency;
4. The core fixture components such as the fixture body are made of alloy steel, carburized and cryogenic treated to ensure stability;
5. The inner hole expansion sleeve and outer clamp head are both made of polymer technology, which is waterproof, dustproof, oil proof, and chip proof, with a long service life.


Performance parameter

The company's standardized product series can refer to sample books and website information or consult with business personnel to learn about non-standard customized clamping solutions and fixtures. Each fixture has its unique parameters according to the customer's different products, so we look forward to communicating with your business here. If you are interested in a particular fixture, please feel free to call for more information!


Clamping solution fixture display





Our company has independently innovated and developed various solutions and fixtures for inner hole and outer circle clamping, such as roller ring fixtures, wheel hub fixtures, differential housing fixtures, motor housing fixtures, gear shaft fixtures, axle fixtures, gear housing fixtures, eccentric fixtures, and so on. If you need to know more, please feel free to call!